Corporate Shows

Corporate Stage Show

Our corporate shows are fully customizable depending on your needs. Currently our largest stage show is all-inclusive, including a sound system and wireless microphone setup, a theater style backdrop and stage wings, stage lighting, and many wonderful illusions! This is magic for large groups of people (typically over 100) with effects that include amazing levitations, story-telling like you’ve never heard (or seen!) it before, impossible predictions and mind reading, magic that happens in the hands of each audience member, dancing tables, and many more amazing and fun-filled effects! Your audience will be treated to an evening of magic of the highest caliber. While the primary goal of our corporate shows are to entertain adults, the entertainment is perfect for all ages.

Dinner Magic

Table-side magic for restaurants, business dinners, hospitality suites, or other similar functions. Many companies do corporate dinners. We try to recommend doing a stage show immediately before or after dinner, but sometimes it’s not possible. An alternative is to do some amazing and cutting-edge close-up magic for the tables. This allows the guests to experience the magic up close. Several effects that Matt will perform have even been used on popular magic TV specials! If you were fortunate enough to see Matt during his residency at the world famous Melting Pot in Huntsville during 2015, you likely witnessed some of these amazing routines for yourself.

Social Event

Walk-around magic for company picnics, business socials, corporate parties, and other similar functions – this type of magic is great as an icebreaker! It’s more amazing, cutting-edge close-up magic that is sure to get your group talking. Walk-around magic can be added to any stage show as well.

A Sample Evening

Many clients hire Matt to do both walk-around magic and a stage show on the same evening. During dinner, Matt helps build rapport with the guests doing table-side magic for them in an intimate setting. After dinner, he then performs his show so that the guests may all experience the magic together at once. Of course this is just one idea but Matt is happy to help you dream about creative ways to involve him at your next corporate event.