Trade Shows

What better way is there to advertise your product than using magic and illusions?! Matt will customize a special message for your event and product. Having many years experience as a street performer, Matt is well-versed in not only attracting a large crowd, but keeping them interested in your product! If you have some special ideas, we would be more than happy to assist you in planning your event and making it the best it can be! So please contact us today to start the planning process. It is never to early to get on our busy calendar!

Brainstorming Ideas

Most clients wish to incorporate Matt on every day of the tradeshow. However, it’s possible for some smaller companies to hire Matt to perform on just one day. By doing this, it enables them to announce the performances ahead of time so potential contacts will be enticed back to the booth again for Matt’s performance later in the week. But we are happy to chat about other possibilities to help you get exactly what you need for the budget you have!